What is Title Insurance?

Title insurance protects you, the Buyer, against loss, damage and expense incurred as a result of title defects which may not be disclosed by even the most careful examination of a title.
These defects may include any one or more of the following matters:
  • After Born or Adopted Children
  • Bankruptcies in Other Jurisdictions
  • Dower Claims
  • Erroneous Interpretations of Statutes and Rules
  • Expired, Invalid Or Revoked Powers of Attorney
  • False Affidavits and False Impersonations
  • Foreign Divorce Claims
  • Fraud Or Forgery
  • Improper Legal Descriptions
  • Infancy, Insanity and Incompetence
  • Perjury
  • Suppressed, Undiscovered or Improperly Probated Wills or Codicils
  • Undisclosed or Missing Heirs
  • Unrecorded Contracts of Sale


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